Langley Regional Airport welcomes and encourages aviation industry growth and development, with an emphasis on building a rotary wing business base.  Currently, Langley Regional Airport is home to 55 businesses employing about 870+ people, generating an estimated $70 million in business annually, occupying more than 200,000 square feet of industrial/office space, and creating a total economic impact of about $115 million. Businesses on this 120-acre site continue to grow and develop, with more than $15 million having been invested in recent site improvements.

Langley Regional Airport is focused on finding new aviation related business prospects and responding effectively to development opportunities. For new development opportunities contact the Airport Administration Office at 604-534-7330.



Langley Regional Airport has overnight visitor aircraft tie-downs, monthly and annual outdoor asphalt tie-down spots. Learn more about tie-downs.



Langley Regional Airport continues to see ongoing growth and development. To explore development opportunities at the airport, contact the Airport Administration Office at 604-534-7330.